May 01, 2022 [Binary Exploitation] #NahamCon CTF 2022 #ret2win #Basic Exploitation 1 min

A classic ret2win challenge on a 64-bit binary, overflow RIP with win() address to get flag.


Canary                        : ✘
NX                            : ✓
PIE                           : ✘
Fortify                       : ✘
RelRO                         : Full

We only care about the stack canary as we will be overflowing RIP to control execution flow, and thankfully It's disabled.


1. RIP Control

We overflow the binary with a cyclic pattern, however, for this being a 64-bit binary we can't overflow RIP with a non-canonical address.

Canonical Address An address is said to be canonical in the 64-bit world when the upper 16 bits are copies of the 48th bit.

The easiest way to find the RIP offset without overflowing RIP is by breaking at the ret instruction and searching for our pattern in rsp.

2. Writing our exploit

Now we have all the pieces that we need to build our exploit, we will do the rest straight from pwntools.

from pwn import *

context.binary = e = ELF("./babiersteps")
context.encoding = 'latin'

if args['REMOTE']:
    io = e.process()

OFFSET = 120

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